Frequently Asked Questions After Meeting a Lunch Actually Dating Consultant

Lunch Actually Reviews is a site dedicated to collecting feedback, reviews and even complaints from all parties so we can better improve our service. We would also like to highlight some frequently brought up questions so that we can directly answer those common queries for you.

We also have an "After Consultation"? feedback form for you to give us valuable insights on how you consultation with us went. We deeply appreciate if you could take the time to fill it up so we can find ways to serve you better.

1. Now that I have signed up... so what will happen next?

We would need a few days to fully register your profile into our Soulseek CRM and Matching System. After that we will be matching you with the best matches that we can find and checking on availabilities. This entire process would take some time which is around 4 to 6 weeks so do be patient with us.

Your Lunch Actually group profile will also be set up in few days time as well so all you need to go to the site, use the email that you registered with us to get your password to be sent. You can then view the profile that you created with us.

Once we find a match that is free to meet up with you as well, we would contact you via email, SMS or phone to let you know. We would share some details of the match and if you say "ok"?, we would proceed to coordinate the date for you on a place and time that is convenient for both of you. The coordination process may take some time as well so I hope you would be patient with us. Once we confirmed the actual date, time and place with both of you, we would send you a confirmation email with the details of the date.

A day before the date, we would send you a reminder SMS with the details of the date. Please reply to this SMS as soon as possible so that we are aware that you are reminded and aware of this date and ensure there is no miscommunication and mishaps on this arranged introduction.

After the date, you should at least receive an email or even phone call for us to collect feedback on the introduction and how it went. You can also login to you and go to the date feedback form so you can give you feedback as well. Feedback is essential for us to know how the date went and for us to refine the matches as your membership goes along.

2. I have attended the consultation but I am not ready to sign up now. Will you be following up later?

We would follow up with you a few weeks later to find out if you are still interested in becoming a member. If you are still not interested, we would then leave it to you to follow up with us should you change your mind.

You would also be part of our newsletter list so we can keep you updated on our latest happenings and promotions. If you do not wish to be part of this list, any newsletter emails you receive would have a safe-unsubscribe option at the bottom and all you have to do is click on it and choose the subscribe button. You can also email us directly and we can unsubscribe your email for us as well.

3. I have been told by your dating consultant that you do not have the right member database for me at the moment and I have not been encouraged to sign up as your member. I am rather upset as I feel being discriminated against. Please explain.

It is Lunch Actually's policy to deal with all people (even non-clients) with honesty, professionalism and tactfulness and if our dating consultant was unpleasant in any way when telling you that we do not have the right member database, please let us know immediately so we can take action.

Lunch Actually does not discriminate against any person or category of people. It does not make any business sense that we should "chase away"? potential clients as we are in fact turning down higher sales and revenues for ourselves.

However, it is our belief that we should not take money from any client if we cannot give them a satisfactory dating experience with Lunch Actually. Our challenge is that the profile of the clients that join our database is by large in a certain age and societal category and hence we can only sign up clients that this database have specified they are looking for and are within their criteria and vice versa.

It is the founders' intention to help all singles of all groups/categories but the peculiarities of dating industry has made this very difficult for Lunch Actually to do so. We are unable to help all categories not because we wish to discriminate against any of them but simply because we do not wish to be unethical and over-promise so that you sign up which some other agencies have no qualms about doing so. Do know that we truly feel sincerely sadness and regret over this limitation of our service and that our co-founder Violet Lim has written a book on this area for women called "Lessons from 15,000 first dates"? where we truthful tell of the challenges we face as a matchmaking company.

The good news is we are constantly exploring on how we can help singles in all categories and once we have a satisfactory solution, we would definitely contact you.

4. I find your prices too expensive. Why can't it be cheaper?

This is a common complaint about face-to-face matchmaking services all around the world. It isn't possible to offer the services of an introduction service that is genuinely both selective about getting quality members and personal cheaply. Advertising and staff are large costs.

You need to employ skilled and experienced consultants and allow them to invest considerable amounts of time in dealing with members on an individual basis.

You also need to spend substantial amounts of marketing in the quality press, media and the internet to attract the right type of new joiners to grow the database and replace clients that have been successfully matched and have left the database.

5. Why can't you provide me with some proposed matches on the spot during the consultation, like some other agencies I have been to?

It is a sales practice with some agencies to pull out some matches out from the hat and say on the spot in the consultation, "I think I can match you with John or Jack if you sign up!"?

If you still do not sign up, they will call you one to two days later again to say that they have a great match called James for you and if you sign up, they will arrange it for you. Very often, the name of the first match will change after you paid the money as John, Jack or James (name changes depending on which gender you are) is no longer free to meet up with you.

Lunch Actually is serious about our matching and we do not believe in making false promises on our matches just to get you to sign up. We would only do matching for you after we properly process and go through your full information and criteria, check it against with the profile and criteria of other potential matches and discuss the match in detail with other consultants before a match is decided upon.

6. I have heard that some clients go out frequently while some have to wait for months between dates. Why is there a differentiation in service level?

  • Their Criteria

    • Clients that are flexible and open with their matching criteria do go out more often than clients that have very narrow and limited matching criteria who go out less.
    • The person with the more open criteria has more potential matches that we can choose from and we can employ our matching intuition more freely and effectively and resulting in more and better matches.

  • Their Profile

    • It a fact that certain type of profiles go out more often than others simply as they are more "in demand"? as compared to some other profiles that as a result go out less often.
    • If we know that a person with a certain profile and criteria will go out not as frequent as the average profile but we still can find some matches for them, we will let them know before they sign up as we try to manage their expectation should they decide that they still want to sign up.

  • Responsiveness

    • Some clients are quicker in replying to our communications than others while some take more time to respond. Hence sometimes even though we found a match for Person A, he or she does not go out till weeks or months later as Person B took a long time to respond to us.

  • Travel

    • Some clients also travel very often and for long periods this makes arranging dates for them more difficult than other people who do not travel as much.

  • Date Frequency Preference
    • Different clients have differing preference for going out on dates arranged by us and even though we found they matches, they only want to go out much later but as a result could slow down the frequency for whomever they are matched with.

Very often, we try our best to find alternative matches if one party is causing the other side to wait too long but if the person is not easy to match, there are limitations on what we can achieve for their frequency of dates.

7. Do you have a refund policy? What is your refund policy?

Lunch Actually has a "One Date Trial"? in which if you go out on the first date and if you feel that Lunch Dating is not for you, just simply let us know in 7 days from your date and you can request for a refund in which you only pay the registration fee portion of the package and the rest is refunded to you.

If the first date is not perfect but you are comfortable, we encourage you to still carry on as it is impractical to expect us to find that perfect match in just one try. Lunch Actually is a dating journey and very often you need to meet and refine sufficiently before you meet the right one.

8. What if halfway through my membership I am still unhappy or unsatisfied with the dates. What should I do?

It is important that you speak up and complain to let us know what is wrong with your matches and dates so we can try to take corrective and affirmative action for you. We have many ways and opportunities for you to give us feedback but silence is not one of them.

As much as we try our best, matching can still have a certain amount of unpredictability. A match could sometimes look great on paper but fair not as well when the people meet while a match that seems average can sometimes lead to fantastic chemistry and connection. We have several cases when members were not successful in all of their earlier dates until the last date in their membership.

Even if the matches are not going perfect for you prior, it is important that you still keep an open mind, positive attitude and be attractive to your dates so that if the right one comes along, you are not caught wrong footed just because your last few dates did not go as well as you hope and waste that opportunity.

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